Meet The Team
Zachary Floray
Zachary Floray is a student director with multiple years and experiences in musical theatre. He is also a skilled pianist and vocalist. Having a piano and vocal background, he will also be the Vocal Director.
Director & Music Director
Musical Theatre is the expression of one’s most interpersonal thoughts and feelings. It expresses who they are, who they care for, and who the hope to be.​"
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"Theatre is an escape from reality. It gives you the power to go anywhere, be anyone, and venture beyond your wildest dreams"   
Nicole Goodman
Nicole Goodman is an experienced choreographer and director with 10 years of theatre experience behind her. Nicole has worked with both Mya and Zach in the past and is excited to get to work beside them in this show.
Choreography & Advisor
"My love of Musical Theatre is very different. I love it as it is my own child. I love it more than anything in the world. I would do anything to keep it away from danger and harm as I would for my own child."
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